one little story


A wedding day is a day where a life ends and a new one begins. People all over the world have created different ways to celebrate this day with either traditional or modern means. And the reason they do it, is because of the importance that this day withholds. A photographer's job on this special day, is to appreciate each and every moment and immortalise this overwhelming and special experience. 

The love between the couple and between all the guests on that day was amazing to witness. If you were there, you would feel this great energy yourself. As with every wedding, this one too had the stress of the big day, but looking beyond that, people had a great time, everyone got to enjoy themselves and you can be a witness of that through all the photographs.



There is one little story that's worth telling.

Because it showed courage.


There was this little girl. As she arrived to the venue, she tripped and fell and hit her arms and legs. That didn't make her complain, but instead, she stood up, smiled bravely, and enjoyed the celebration. She and her mother, made sure to enjoy the party and dance together with the biggest of smiles. Difficulties can be a stepping stone, to rise up and be brave to every trouble. 


So, in conclusion, you really don't need any fancy and complicated words to describe this. In simple words you can describe the effort that people wanted to make in order for them to be together. To share. To live. To laugh, cry and be; together. Because this is what is the admirable thing about each wedding I attend. How people can have intimate or public moments. But in each one, they are together. In each one, there is a passion to share. Not only with each other. But for generations, with the world. The smiles, the tears and the child inside; through this powerful way. Photography. 


Maria TofalidouComment