A simple thing

People gather together not only to celebrate and share their love, but also to mark an important step they are taking in their lives. To detach from their so far known and to create something new. A new family, a new beginning. To share the laughter, the pain, the appreciation and all that is life. People do that in the most graceful way. And it happens when, to look at each other, to experience each other, to listen each others voice, is not enough. All these become necessities and you want to make these a part of your life, so that you are able to look, and listen, and touch as much as you can. And doing so is not enough. So you gather together, you put on your best dress and suit, and you invite everyone important to say this one thing. This one little thing that makes people shy, makes them strong, frightens them and gives them courage. To say: I love you.


Maria TofalidouComment