Extend this moment -

We come to this world knowing nothing. Completely trusting humanity with our existence. It's not like we are able to make a choice. But it's still amazing. From the first breath, we must hold on to each other. Keep humanity safe. That's a strong reminder. To be kind to one another. To surpass our ego. Or to at least try. 

Look at the world for the first time. Walk on this earth for the first time. Remember how it was to fully experience your surroundings. Touch for the first time. Smile and laugh and cry and be; for the first time. It's a skill to have. And be cautious. 

This is what we're trying to do with photography. To extend, to reenact and remember that moment. To surpass and expand ourselves as much as we can. 

This was a sweet and brief session, as all family photography sessions including children are. These are my most honest clients. They cannot be bossed around - sit up, turn your head, do this and that - and that's the reason why I keep doing these sessions. They keep me grounded. They remind me that I am an observer; nothing more, nothing less. 

All you need is just the perfect light, just the perfect spot, just the perfect smile and just the perfect camera.

Or, you can make things work to your benefit. For this, all you really need, is skill. Enjoy.

Maria TofalidouComment