There are so many things a wedding day needs in order for it to be complete. From the flowers, to the dinner table arrangements, everything has to be perfect. But the biggest decision of all is choosing the right photographer. And what makes it the most important decision of all, is that the photographer will make sure that all the hard work you did to make this day perfect will be captured in beautiful images for you, your family and your grandkids to enjoy. There are so many things to consider in the process of choosing a photographer such as the price, the location and finally the work and point of view of the photographer. But above all it has to feel right. You should feel comfortable with your photographer because you will be sharing this special day with them. So, here is a guide to help you make this decision. And if you decide that it should be me, I would be very happy working with you.


What kind of photographer are you?

I consider myself being a documentary photographer and this is because I document the day without any interruptions from my part. I make sure that all the little things and all the big moments are not only captured but documented to capture feeling and emotion.


What about detail shots and group shots?

Besides documenting the process of the wedding, we want to take some photographs with the family to remember this day.  This is the only time where you will be posed for a photograph. This process is going to take place at the end of the ceremony. For this, always suggest that you have someone from the wedding party being responsible for the shot list and to get everyone you want for photos ready and present.


References to contact

Usually, in the websites of photographers (and videographers) you can find a section where they have testimonials and reviews from the customers. What I prefer doing is giving 2-3 direct references to my clients so that you get personal and real opinions from real couples. This way you can decide if what I offer is what you are looking for!


-Booking your photographer-

When and how do we meet each other?

It's very important for us to have a personal interaction, so that we can meet each other, talk about your personal interests and get to know each other. If we're in the same city, I recommend that we arrange a meeting face to face. If we are not in the same city, then I recommend a skype meeting. It's important to meet each other in order for you to create a comfortable and an at ease feeling between us. This way you get to meet me and see if my personality is a match for you, if I will fit in with your guests, if I understand your point of view since I will be spending this day with you.


How do we book you?

In order for me to book the date of your wedding, a 50% of the total amount needs to be deposited. Alongside of a signed agreement, for reserving the date. After this, I am officially booked for the big day!


How do I pay?

A bank transfer or Paypal transaction is accepted and any transaction fees are paid by the couple. 


What happens after we book you?

After we reserve the date, a questionnaire is send to you available to you anytime online, for answering some questions. Questions like "do you have a wedding planner" and contact information will be included in this questionnaire. This is important so that I have all the information needed for the wedding day.


What if it's a destination wedding? 

If you're having a destination wedding, I will arrive 1 day before, so that I'm able to scout for locations for our location shoot, get familiar with the location and get prepared.


What if you get sick on the day of the wedding?

This is a very extreme concept, as it never occurs. But I assure you that if this happens and I'm so sick at the day of the wedding that makes me incapable of attending as a photographer, I have a trusted network of photographers, that will be covering the day for me.


What if we didn't get a chance to meet before the wedding?

You don't need to worry for this, we will always get the chance to meet the day before the wedding in person.


-The day of the wedding -

When do you start?

I start when you start, which is usually around 11am. I will cover everything from the makeup process, to the traditional preparation (if you have one) to the big party.


Do you shoot details?

Yes of course! This is the first thing that I do on my arrival. I will photograph every little detail from the dress, to the rings, the flowers, the shoes and all special details. But most importantly, I will document all the human emotions and the connections of people.


When do you get photos of the groom and groomsmen? 

Yes but the timing of these photos vary based on the type of the wedding that you will have. If it's a non traditional wedding, the photos of the groom and best men will be taken before the ceremony since it's a short process. If it's a traditional wedding, them we start from the groom so that we have more time for the bride since it's a longer process because there are more things added to the process of the brides preparation and we need to cover the whole process starting from the makeup preparation. We will be able to think about the exact times and let me know by filling the form that is provided to you! If you have more questions you are always welcome to contact or arrange a meeting with us!


What is the difference between a traditional and non traditional wedding?

It's important to understand the difference between traditional and non-traditional weddings, because this will make you understand the timeline and unfolding of your wedding better. If you decide to have a traditional wedding, then we need more time throughout the day to be able to make the whole process without rushing through it. A traditional wedding preparation, has a series of customs that take place which need some time to unfold. So, in order for me to be on time I usually suggest that we have one hour between the two preparations so that I can cover every little detail. A non-traditional wedding, doesn't have the traditional preparations so I always suggest that I cover the preparation of the bride first so that I have some time left for the groom and the groomsmen and the groom waiting at the church.


The photos of getting into the dress

As every moment in the wedding, this moment is one of a kind and cannot be recreated by repeating them. If the bride feels comfortable enough I can be in the room while she's changing into her dress. If she prefers I can wait outside until she wears the wedding dress and I can capture the finishing process. Each one of these scenarios will be perfectly fine.


Can guests take photographs during the ceremony?

For the part of the ceremony I strictly suggest that the guests put away their cameras so that they bring all the attention to the bride and groom. This way there is no risk of someone getting in the way when there's an important shot. For the rest of the day if doesn't affect any processes if the guests take pictures.


What happens after the ceremony?

After the ceremony we will proceed with the bouquet toss and after that, we will proceed with the family photos. For this part I suggest that someone from the wedding party should be in charge for the group shot list and for getting the people ready. If it's a more organized process this shouldn't take more than 15 minutes.


Are we going to do portraits after the wedding?

Usually after the family photos are done, the cocktail party starts. During that time we will have some time to have some on location portraits. This depends on if we have arranged an extra day for an on location photoshoot. If we do the same day portrait shoot, the extra day photoshoot is not included.


What is an extra day photoshoot?

A pre-wedding photoshoot is a day that we go for location shooting before the big day.  These are photos that are more casual that the photos of the wedding. 


Can we have whatever photoshoot we want? Even all?

Yes! Of course! You can have it all! Just make sure to check the days and prices with us!


Let's put things in order

I like to give a preset program of what's happening at the dinner party of your wedding , so that you have a clear idea of what's happening that night. After the portraits (if we are taking any), you go to freshen up and in that time I go to the venue that the dinner party will take place to take some photographs of details of all the beautiful decorations. Then you come as well and make your entrance, cut the cake and start the process of the speeches. After that you have dinner (and the photographer eats too!). When you eat, you will have your first dance, have the big party start and I will be there to document everything!


-What happens after the wedding-

How many images do I get?

Although there is not a set number, for a standard wedding package we give around 400-800 photographs. If more photographs tell our story best, then we will make sure you get more images. Be sure that we are not withholding any good photos back from you and we always give you the best result.


Will I get any black and white photos?

Usually 10% of the wedding is photos that are better suited to be in black and white. So we will include those ones as well in your final images.


Why do you edit the photos?

A photograph is never completed without any editing. The editing process is very important, as it gives the character to your images. This is a decision that is only made by professionals and it's what best suits your wedding style and corresponds to our photography style.


How and when do we get our photos?

After the editing process is over that takes approximately 12-14 weeks, you will get either a box with a usb and a link to your photos that is protected with a code, or just the link protected with a code so that you and your family can enjoy. Here's an online gallery to see how it looks like! 


How can we print our photos?

Through the link which you are going to have access to, you will be able to select the photos you want by their unique number which is written under each photo and send me an email with all the numbers and the amount of photos you want printed, in the specific desired size or create a favourites group in your online gallery. Sizes and prizes for prints and albums are provided to you after the booking of your date. Alternatively, you can place an order online through your online gallery using "hearts" to place your favourite photos into collections so that you can send only those to print.


How can I order my album?

Choosing the album for your photographs is the next step. This also is a very important process. This album will be a heirloom that you will be able to pass on to next generations for your grandkids to enjoy. And we will make sure that it is carefully picked and perfect for you to enjoy. How are we sure about that? We make sure that we always and without a question, choose quality over quantity every time. If what you want is cheap albums, then this, is not an option for you. And we strongly suggest that you proceed with another service. The album service we use is Queensberry Albums

From the link you will be provided with, you will have access to your online gallery and you will have also the chance to select your favorite photos to be included in your album. From there, we will be able to continue with the design of the album and send it to print and you will receive it approximately after 8-12 weeks.

Sizes and prizes for prints and albums are provided to you after the booking of your date.


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